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Poems on God | Poems about Beloved God

All we know, "God is One". We loves God and God loves Us, without any conditions. The 'God' is the only existence. The whole creation around us is made of an element whose name is Love, and that is God. We are not different from God and there is nothing too beyond God, everything is established within God. The good, the bad, the right and the wrong, these are beyond all. Happiness and sadness does not matter at all. The only one which exists, it is only one which complete and if we want to give it a name, then 'The God', we can say...We like to share an Inspirational Poems on God with you...

Poems on God | Poems about Beloved God

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Poems on God

Poem on God in English

My Beloved God

In thy heart innocents like child,
And body has like flower mild.

Thy voice mixed with honey smile,
And thou has Godness of Gods.

Thou is Lord of all Lords,
And has a shortness of Sorrow.

Thou has no longing to get,
And no sorrow to loose.

My life is short and less,
But thou is full of such love and hopes,
That'r endless.

No other thou are,
But my loving and beloved God.
Written by- Nidhi Agarwal

God has neither colour nor any form and nor can we see Him. The existence of God is a subject of debate in the philosophy of religion and other popular cultures, but there is some such power, which exists in our universe, which we have given the name of God. God is so powerful that He does not need any wealth, He is pleased with just a small prayer. There is so much power in the prayer of God that increases our confidence. The prayer of God brings peace to our mind, specially when our mind is disturbed. In order to increase this confidence and in the praise of God, we likely to share Poem on God with you.

Short Poem on God

Formless God Is!

With Your light,
All world illuminated.
Everywhere you are,
Still everyone Unsatisfied.
No name, no shape of Yours decided,
If We desire, can see you in our hearts.
When we close our eyes,
see You in front.
Who loves You,
You make him Important.
He who connects with You,
leaves his pride,
And dedicates You all his life.
Written by- Nidhi Agarwal

God has many forms, it is said that love is another form of God. The question arises, Why do we believe in God, today ? Why He is revered ? There is only one reason for this, and that is Love, only Love. Just as we irrigate our love with God, so also God loves us. However if we talk about Happiness and Sorrow, then a man suffers only according to his deeds. There is Love that binds us together and makes us feel and believe that God is present among us. We would like to share A Poem on Almighty God with you.

Poems on God

How creative God Is!

How creative God Is!
Internal Sky, Clouds and Water,
Day and Night,
And all the Weathers.
Endless Oceans, Rivers
And Mountains,
These all are His wonderful creations.
He made the Sun, the Moon,
The stars and all the Creature,
In this way,
He decorated whole,
The World and The Beautiful Nature.
Written By- Nidhi Agarwal

Life is full of difficulties and defects. If we say that to live this life, the two aspects are necessary, one is to believe in God and the second is to believe in your Work. I believe that, "Where there will be Faith in God, there will be an effort to work on its own and where Work will be good, there will be faith in God automatically. A Short Poem on God's Love as described below.

Poem about God's Love

Prayer to God

Matter is in Your hand now,
Affirmative or Negative.
What is my life?
A Sentence Interrogative.
I want to be live life,
In every way active.
But what I tell You,
Life is very difficult and defective.
But I never loose hope,
B'coz there may be a better alternative.
I have a prayer to You,
God please give me new thoughts,
And make me Immortive.
Written by- Nidhi Agarwal

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