Friday, 15 February 2019

'My Beloved God' | Inspirational Poem about God's Love

All we know, "God is One". We loves God and God loves Us, without any conditions. The 'God' is the only existence. The whole creation around us is made of an element whose name is Love, and that is God. We are not different from God and there is nothing too beyond God, everything is established within God. The good, the bad, the right and the wrong, these are beyond all. Happiness and sadness does not matter at all. The only one which exists, it is only one which complete and if we want to give it a name, then 'The God', we can say..
We like to share an Inspirational Poem about God's Love that is 'My Beloved God' with you.

'My Beloved God' | Inspirational Poem about God's Love

My Beloved God Poem, God Poetry, Inspirational Poem about God's Love
My Beloved God Poetry

"My Beloved God"

In thy heart innocents like child,
And body has like flower mild.

Thy voice mixed with honey smile,
And thou has godness of Gods.

Thou is Lord of all Lords,
And has a shortness of Sorrow.

Thou has no longing to get,
And no sorrow to loose.

My life is short and less,
But thou is full of such love and hopes,
That'r endless.

No other thou are,
But my loving and beloved God.

---Written by- Nidhi Agarwal

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