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Motivational Poems | Best Poems to Motivate Yourself

There are two ways in our life. The first way which leads us into a positive mindset known as Positive Path and the second which leads us into a negativity known as Negative Path. We opt only the positive path as we are told to do so, from childish till teenage and so on. But in some cases of life we are started chasing the negative way, this Negative Path of life demotivates us and discourages us in all aspects of life. In that matter our duty is to realize and think about all the negative impacts that we were doing, when we opt the Negative Path.
Before choosing any way in our life, we need to watch it and feel it carefully from our eyes, then we need to think about it from our mind and, the next and the last step is to make a decision from our heart, these conditions will lead you to a better mindset that helps you to achieve goals and which moves you to The Positive Path.

The given Motivational poems which we like to share with you, will boost your thinking which leads you to the positive path.

Motivational Poems | Best Poems to Motivate Yourself

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Motivational Poems

Best Motivational Poems

The Positive Path

Let your Foot walk,
On which Truth leads.

Let your Hands help,
Them who needs.

Let your Eyes watch,
Beautiful Nature that appeals.

Let your Mind think,
What it pleads.

Let your Heart feel,
Love that always gives.

Let your Body dive into,
The Ocean of Thoughts,
Which moves us to The Positive Path.

Written by- Nidhi Agarwal

The person who disappointed in life seems to be indifferent and disinterested. He sees darkness all around him. He does not find his victory in all manner. But a benevolent person find many ways in his life to search positivity. Frustration can not make enough pressure on him. Only a hopeless person suffers a lot from it. Frustration is such a pain that keeps disturbing itself and does not welfare of others. Someone truly said, "Hopes communicates power in life, while despair leads to man downfall". To show the right path of positivity we like to share A Motivational Poem New Hopes with you.

Motivational Poems for Success

New Hopes

Some Where, Some Where
Sun is growing.
It seems to me,
As flowers of Hope blooming.

In my little heart,
Some happiness are arising.
Just like waves of water,
In The Ocean of hopes streaming.

As new thoughts,
for doing something.
This is such thirst,
that can not be finishing.

All lamps of hopes,
with hard work burning.
As new desires,
with new hopes are awaking
Written by- Nidhi Agarwal

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Edited By- Somil Agarwal

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