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Poem on Indian Soldiers

Our Soldiers are the protector of our country. A salute to "The Indian Army", who can't break their orders, for the sake of our country, whole day and night. These Poem on Indian Soldiers depicts the feeling of Soldiers who knows that he will not be able to survive but he still fights until his last breath. Our soldiers are the real hero, for considering this, I dedicated a short poem to our Indian Soldiers for their extraordinary efforts on the field.

Poem on Indian Soldiers

Poem on Soldiers in English, Short Poem on Soldiers, Poem on Indian Soldiers
Poem on Indian Soldiers

Short Poem on Indian Soldiers

Brave Sons of Mother India

We are the Soldiers,
The Brave Sons of Mother India.
We are the future,
Who have to take Birth.

We are the Sons of such Mothers,
Whose wombs have given birth,
Great Men like Bhagat Singh,
Gandhi, ChandraShekhar and Others.

We are the Super Heroes,
Who are always ready to play our roles,
For the sake of our country.

We are brothers,
Of such Sisters whose hands are,
Always ready with the cord of Victory.

We are freedom fighters, defenders,
Who create History.
-Nidhi Agarwal

The soldiers of every country are the pride and honor of that country. They live on the outskirts of the country and protect it and sacrifice their lives for it. They sacrifice their happiness for the people of their country. Nothing works for them more than protecting the country. Their country is their family for them. Their festival is to protect their motherland. These soldiers win not for themselves but for their country. We should give respect to the soldiers, because of them our country exists. We like to share a poem on our Soldiers.

Poem on Soldiers Sacrifices

Our Soldiers

We bow down our heads,
In tributes of soldiers,
For the sake of our country,
Who left their Fathers and Mothers.

We pay regard those great souls,
Who sacrifice their lives,
For making the future of ours,
And have done many strives.

We sheet in the feet of those freedom fighters,
Who gave faith to our hand lines,
And giving light in our lives,
Made it brighter.
-Nidhi Agarwal

First of all, I pay my respects to the brave soldiers who laid down their lives for the country. Today, those who are sleeping peacefully in their homes are the contribution of these brave men. When we sleep peacefully in our homes, these brave men stay awake throughout the night even in the most difficult situations and protect us. Today, all the happiness we have and we are safe is not possible without them. These heroic soldiers are the real sons of Bharat Mata who lay down their lives for their mother India. We like to dedicate a poem for Soldiers, i.e, We are Brave.

Poem on Brave Soldiers

We are Brave

We Keep the spirits high,
Arms in arms,
We leave the bereavement behind,
Kept moving forward
Never fear, we
The post never tired,
We continued unhindered,
on the inaccessible path.
Even the thorns remain,
Even after colliding with a colic,
Sometimes we did not bow,
Sometimes we did not stop.
We were brave, we are brave,
Is impatient for the goal,
With Bhima's Muscle power,
Keep thundering from the lion.
-Nidhi Agarwal

The encouragement of our Indian Soldiers is always high. Believe it or not, there is never lack of confidence in the soldiers of our country. Their indomitable courage also gives us self-confidence. They do not even care about their lives, they only protect the Mother India with selfless feelings. Be it day or night, summer or winter, rainy or dry, these youngsters never stop, and only remain impatient for their goals. For showing this courage, we like to share A Poem on Indian Soldiers, Victory Begins with you all.

Beautiful Poem on Indian Soldiers

Victory Begins

Died, died for the country,
Still there will be no sorrow.
We never worried for yesterday,
Not worried for present
and won't worry for tomorrow.
Live for the country and
Die for the country.
We are lovers of freedom,
So the passion will never diminish of this duty.
Burns in the flame of peace.
Burning for the country
This sequence will never end.
My personality is also from my country,
My fame is also from my country.
So my victory will be start
from the success of my country.
-Nidhi Agarwal

A Soldier is a very important person of our country. He guards and protects our country throughout his life. He defends the honour of his motherland with his life and blood. The Soldiers are the real heroes of the nation. They serve their country selflessly and are ready to sacrifice for the sake of their country, to protect humanity. The role which an every soldier plays in defending and protecting the borders is really unparalleled. Hope you like this post about Poem on Indian Soldiers, you can share it on Facebook and on Whatsapp, & like our Facebook page for getting notifications of latest poems and much more.

There is a real hero in our knowledge, whose name is Abhinandan Varthaman, their amazing efforts put enemy down to earth. He is a Great Warrior. A poem dedicated to a real hero.
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EDITED BY- Somil Agarwal

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