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The blog "Poetry Adventure" provides a vast collection of Poems and Thoughts on Social Issues, Girl Education, Nature Love, and other present scenario.

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Hi, I am Nidhi Agarwal

Welcome to poetryadventure.in

Poetry is my life. I started writing poems when I was in tenth standard. All the aspect of nature always attract me to write about them. I believe, "Nature is God" and "Good guardian that always guide us but we need to observe its guidance keenly". William Wordsworth is my favourite poet as he was called as Nature Poet. His poetry are my inspiration.
"The sea of ​​thoughts is very deep, infinite dark. If you have to pick some pearls from this infinite deep sea and we have to chant a song like this, then we will have to churn it, which can get the pearls of pure words and yes, these words can be a bit crispy, Beyond anybody's understanding, but surely a connoisseur of a poet-like diver will surely recognize him".

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Hi, I am Somil Agarwal

Welcome to poetryadventure.in

Dear Readers, I shall assure all of you that our consistent efforts will be aimed toward increasing the visibility, impact and the overall quality of our articles. The main aim of this journey is to provide awareness, education and to entertain you. We are very much look forward to strengthening the reputation of our articles, day by day and we want to attract more on higher quality articles through your presence. I hope that you always like our great works. Thank You for your interest with us and Keep Reading with us.
Note: I specially request to all my Readers, who joins and reads Adventurous Collection of Poems on poetryadventure.in, please do not give your name on others Precious and Crucial Work. The vast variety of Poems on this Blog is only for Education and Entertainment Purpose, who helps the social and mental structure to our society. So, don't use these for any commercial activity, i.e., Copying and Publishing and in case you find any interest regarding these, then Contact Us. DO NOT PUBLISH ANY CONTENT WITHOUT ANY PRIOR PERMISSION OF AUTHOR OR EDITOR.

Thanking You to Interact with Us.

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